Washington @ Blue Ledge – Flex posts are now on the ground!

We are happy to report that flex posts have gone in the ground at Washington & Blue Ledge. Our sincerest thanks to BTD and PWD for moving the Vision Zero crash response here to this milestone. All that remains is the installation of the pedestrian crossing beacon. A couple of photos taken early on Saturday morning.

View looking north. Unfortunately, recent Comcast utility work has damaged crosswalk and bike lane markings.
View looking north. Unfortunately, recent Comcast utility work has damaged crosswalk and bike lane markings. Flex posts look good, though!
View looking south.
View looking south.

5 thoughts to “Washington @ Blue Ledge – Flex posts are now on the ground!”

  1. Very nice! Thank you!

    Wish we could do something about the crosswalk at Centre St. and Knoll (near Weld). Every pedestrian crossing sign that has been put up there is largely disregarded, then soon run down and destroyed – I assume by cars whose drivers had no interest in slowing down for anything or anyone.

    But congrats on this accomplishment!

    1. Sally — Thanks for your comment. It’s important to note that the Washington/Blue Ledge intersection is where the hit-and-run crash that killed Roslindale resident Siliva Acosta occurred. Under the city’s Vision Zero policy, such a location receives priority in terms of a “rapid response.” We’ve really just kept an eye on what has been happening at this intersection and advocated for the city to keep moving at each stage. I know the Centre/Knoll location you’re referring to. Could definitely use some attention as well. — Matt

  2. They still need flex posts in the bike lane buffer – buses and cars are habitually using the bike lane as a travel lane. The RRFB has been partly installed for weeks now and the lane markings need redone because of the utility work.

    9 1/2 months after the death of Silvia Acosta and this thing still isn’t complete. Shameful behavior from a city that has a Vision Zero program.

    1. Mark — Your impatience is shared. I have heard that the beacon went in very recently, possibly in the last couple of days. We should check it out and then suggest ways to the city that these kinds of improvements can be done faster. As for flex posts in the bike lane buffer, those were not included in BTD’s final plans for this location, but they are an interesting suggestion and I agree that it appears many drivers of both buses and cars are treating the bike lane like it’s an open vehicular travel lane. That’s a significant problem in that, as I understand it, the key issue here was the 2-lane northbound side of Washington that created a double-blind in the crosswalk and contributed to Ms. Acosta’s death. We really don’t want 2 vehicular travel lanes heading north here. – Matt

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