Roslindale Square Walk Audit – Hot off the Presses

WalkBoston Walk Audit HeaderWe’re pleased to publish the report documenting the Walk Audit of Roslindale Square that we did with WalkBoston back in December. There are lots of issues to be addressed, but also exciting opportunities to improve the pedestrian environment in and around the central business district. Our next steps will be to set up meetings with the appropriate city officials and elected leaders to begin to address the highest priority items. If you have any thoughts about the report or what our top priorities should be, please leave them in the comments below.

2 thoughts to “Roslindale Square Walk Audit – Hot off the Presses”

  1. I’m delighted that this work was done – thanks for putting in the time, and here’s hoping that this documentation results in improvements for pedestrians in Roslindale.

    I do have a question. In the report, I saw in two places the assertion of a rule “that cars be parked 20 feet from the crosswalk”. Though it seems to me a great idea, as it would automatically result in the daylighting of all crosswalks, I was not aware of this rule. I took a look at the City’s traffic rules and regulations ( and couldn’t find this rule, though there’s a prohibition of parking “within 20 feet of an intersecting way”.

    If it truly is a rule, where can I find documentation of it, and if not, I support the idea of making it a rule throughout the city – yet another thing to add to our collective agenda, I guess.

    1. I would think that means all intersections, whether or not they have painted stripes signifying a crosswalk, no?

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