WalkUP Roslindale Snow Clearance Collaborative – POSSIBLE ACTIVATION 12-13 Feb 2019 – STAY TUNED HERE.

Depending on snowfall amounts and temperatures this afternoon/evening/overnight, we may be activating the Collaborative. Stay tuned here and note the principal locations/organizers below. We’ll also broadcast any details on our twitter feed and you can sign up to be contacted (including by text message) on our Snow Clearance page. Thanks!

Washington & Blue Ledge Streets – Rob Orthman

Washington & Cornell Streets – Sarah Kurpiel Lee

Roslindale Community Center (Washington & Cummins) – Steve Gag

Hyde Park Avenue/Cummins Highway – Nick Ward

Walter & South Streets (front of Green T) – Matt Lawlor

Participation Guidelines – Bring your own equipment (shovels, spades) and materials (ice melt) if you feel healthy and up to it. Find the organizers at the above locations at the stipulated time(s) and make sure to give them your name and email address so we can log you in for RVMS Rozzie Bucks for taking part. Thanks!!!

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