ATTENTION: WalkUP Roslindale Snow Collaborative In Effect TODAY (20 January 2019)

Enough snow has fallen and temperatures look like they won’t get high enough to have warm enough rain that will wash it away, so we are a GO today at the following locations at the following times with the following organizers:

1: 00 pm

Washington & Blue Ledge Streets – Rob Orthman

Washington & Cornell Streets – Sarah Kurpiel Lee

2:00 pm

Roslindale Community Center (Washington & Cummins) – Steve Gag

Hyde Park Avenue/Cummins Highway – Matt Lawlor and Nick Ward

Participation Guidelines – Bring your own equipment (shovels, spades) and materials (ice melt) if you feel healthy and up to it. Find the captains at the above locations at the above times and make sure to give them your name and email address so we can send you the Rozzie Bucks for taking part. The snow is heavy but there thankfully isn’t too much of it. An hour should do it. Thanks!!!

2 thoughts to “ATTENTION: WalkUP Roslindale Snow Collaborative In Effect TODAY (20 January 2019)”

  1. May I request the intersection at Corinth and South St, where the decorative whirligig is, be added to WalkUp’s efforts.

    1. Great suggestion. We have done that location in the past, but didn’t get to it this last storm. With some new players going forward, we will put this location on the definite to-do list. Thanks!

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