Haley School – Safe Routes to School Walk

WUR/American Legion Corridor stalwarts Lisa Beatman and Rick Yoder were joined by your correspondent and Steve Gag (in the photo, far left) in participating in the Haley School’s 4th walk this morning to raise awareness about safe routes to school for students to walk and the present lack of those routes for the Haley. You will note that BPS Superintendent Tommy Chang, whom we understand is now a Roslindale resident, is pictured in the first row, blue polo shirt. It was great to see him, City Councilor Andrea Campbell (I think she might have taken this picture), and everyone else who both organized and participated from BPS and the school (both students, staff, and parents). Those with more information on this (looking at you, Lisa and Rick), please let us know more in the comments and tell us how we can be more supportive of this effort!


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  1. My new hero is Theresa Starble, the physical education teacher and double-dutch coach at the Haley Pilot School. She worked with the BTD to generate this map showing a one-mile radius of walking routes to the school (570 ALH near Walk Hill). Several pocket neighborhoods are within walking distance, and we support their efforts to make it safer for students, parents, staff, and, hey, everyone to walk to school, the Nature Center their school’s only “gym”) and local businesses.

    Coach Starble pointed out that, in addition to the physical and mental health benefits of walking and biking, there is the developmental benefit of independence, as kids mature, from not needing to be dropped off and picked up by car all the time.

    I think the most urgent way to help is to contact the BTD, Mayor’s office, and City Councilors to insist that the killer Walk Hill/American Legion intersection get full Vision Zero traffic calming treatments now, especially before a couple hundred more cars are regularly using it. They are dragging their feet. And of course,  support the American Legion Greenway project!

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