UPDATE – Insufficient snow fall – STAND DOWN – WalkUP Roslindale Snow Clearance Collaborative – v. 6.1 ON ALERT

UPDATE: The snow came late and it did make things look wintry (finally), but it’s definitely below 4″ (10 cm) here at WUR Snow Clearance Collaborative HQ, so we will not be officially calling out our forces. Still, it looks like we have something like 3″ (7.5 cm), so help out your neighbors if you see some trouble spots that require clearing. Thanks all!

Well, the forecasters and our old friend the Boston Yeti (who hasn’t been seen in these parts since early 2022) indicate that we may well have clearable snow (i.e., 4″ (10 cm) or more of the white stuff) with the coastal storm that is anticipated to start late tonight and last most of the day tomorrow. Accordingly, we are putting our snow collaborative forces ON ALERT and asking that everyone who can, please be ready to pick up a shovel and safely, calmly, and with maximum dignity clear out a bus stop, a curb ramp, or a critical pedestrian or cycle path wherever in Roslindale they may be, then send us a picture of the dug out location(s) at matthew.j.lawlor@nullgmail.com, and we’ll be happy to give you our deepest thanks and work with our friends at Roslindale Village Main Street to get you a $10 coupon to the Roslindale Square business of your choice. Thanks everybody and stay tuned!

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