MBTA adds additional service to Forest Hills starting today – 6 September 2022

The MBTA Commuter Rail “Surge” Schedule for Forest Hills (plus Hyde Park and Ruggles) to Back Bay and South Station (and back) has been updated to add new service to and from Forest Hills, eliminating the “BIG GAPs” we had noted during the morning inbound peak and afternoon outbound peak, while still leaving the gaps noted. The full updated schedule can be found here.

Here’s a selected station pair – Forest Hills and South Station only – total travel time is about 13 to 15 minutes:


5:31am, 5:42am, 6:03am, 6:34am, 6:42am, 7:03am, 7:16am, 7:27am, 7:34am, 7:42am, 8:03am, 8:27am, 8:34am, 8:42am, 9:03am, 9:15am, 9:31am, 9:42am, 10:01am, 10:16am, 10:31am, 10:42am,11:01am, 11:31am, 11:47am, 12:17pm, 12:31pm [BIG GAP], 1:31pm, 1:47pm [BIG GAP], 2:36pm, 3:18pm, 3:36pm [BIG GAP], 4:36pm [BIG GAP], 5:36pm [BIG GAP], 6:36pm [BIG GAP], 7:36pm [BIG GAP], 9:16pm [NO MORE INBOUND FROM FOREST HILLS AFTER 9:16PM]

OUTBOUND FROM SOUTH STATION – WEEKDAYS (Applicable line noted in parentheses)

6:50am (Needham) [BIG GAP], 7:50am (Needham) [BIG GAP], 8:50am (Needham) [BIG GAP], 9:50am (Needham) [BIG GAP], 10:50am (Needham), 11:25am (Providence), 11:50am [BIG GAP] (Needham), 12:50pm (Needham), 1:05pm (Stoughton) [BIG GAP], 1:55pm (Needham), 2:05pm (Stoughton), 2:25pm (Wickford), 2:55pm (Needham), 3:25pm (Providence), 3:45pm (Forge Park), 3:55pm (Needham), 4:25pm (Providence), 4:55pm (Needham), 5:00pm (Stoughton), 5:20pm (Foxborough), 5:45pm (Forge Park), 5:55pm (Needham), 6:00pm (Stoughton), 6:45pm (Forge Park), 6:55pm (Needham), 7:00pm (Stoughton), 7:25pm (Wickford), 7:55pm (Needham), 8:00pm (Stoughton), 8:25pm (Providence), 9:00pm (Stoughton), 9:20pm (Needham), 9:45pm (Forge Park), 10:20pm (Stoughton), 11:00pm (Needham) [NO MORE OUTBOUND TO FOREST HILLS AFTER 11:00PM]

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