148 Days and Counting — Waiting for action near Washington @ Blue Ledge

It is now 148 days since Roslindale resident Silvia Acosta was struck and killed by a hit-and-run driver while walking in a crosswalk near the intersection of Washington Street with Blue Ledge Avenue. To date, the city’s sole response has been to place a vehicle speed monitoring sign on the northbound side of the street. And that’s it, for what is supposed to be a high-profile Vision Zero “rapid response” project. WalkUP has been following this closely and we’ve heard many times that plans were close to final, that changes were imminent, and still nothing. How much longer does the city expect our neighborhood to wait for policy to turn into real action?

2 thoughts to “148 Days and Counting — Waiting for action near Washington @ Blue Ledge”

  1. Meanwhile a policeman assaults a pedestrian who was in a crosswalk (granted, he should not have been) and insists – on camera – that he did not have to yield the right-of-way under state law. And, DA Conley still has not issued an indictment against the truck driver that killed bicyclist Dr. Anita Kuman one year ago. It seems that the bias of favoring vehicles over pedestrians and bicyclists continues.

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