Belgrade/Corinth Building Crashed Into – First Order of Business: Help Building’s Occupants Recover

For those who may not have heard yet, a driver crashed their car into the building at the corner of Belgrade Avenue and Corinth Street in Roslindale Square this morning sometime around 8:30-8:45 am. Thankfully, no one inside the building was injured (The Square Root was open, but miraculously missed, and the Sebastian’s space and the adjacent Threading for Beauty business – where the driver actually struck the building – were not open at the time). Per Universal Hub, the driver was taken to the hospital by EMS and the building sustained extensive damage. For now, as UHub reports, the building has been completely evacuated and is off-limits until its overall structural integrity can be confirmed. Whatever happens from here, it seems there will be at least some period where the businesses on both the ground and upper floor will be unable to open and operate. Accordingly, given how respected and appreciated all of the businesses in the building are – especially neighborhood treasure The Square Root – the neighborhood is already coming together and a gofundme to assist all of the building’s businesses in the rebuilding effort has already been created. Just go HERE and give what you can. We’ll circle back as we learn more.

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