REMINDER: Call to Action – Standouts to Promote New 25 mph Citywide Speed Limit – March 4, 11, 18, & 25

REMINDER: Despite the cold temps forecast, we are going to stick with our first standout tomorrow morning, March 4, 2017 @ 11 am, at Washington & Cummins in Roslindale Square (Adams Park side of Washington). Bundle up and come on down!

Motivated by the common sense concept that slower vehicle speeds lead to safer streets, Boston, under the leadership of Mayor Walsh, recently exercised its local option to reduce the citywide speed limit from 30 mph to 25 mph as of January 9.  To draw attention to and increase awareness of this important change, WalkUP Roslindale will be organizing 60-minute standouts with hand-held signs around our neighborhood on each of the next 4 Saturdays.

Each standout will start at 11 am and end at 12 pm. The locations are as follows:

March 4 – Roslindale Square (meet on Adams Park side of Cummins/Washington)

March 11 – 5-way American Legion/Canterbury/Cummins (meet by the fire station)

March 18 – Walter/South (meet by Green T)

March 25 – Washington at WR Parkway (meet by the Dunkin Donuts)

We have secured a baker’s dozen signs from Councilor O’Malley (many thanks!), but it would be also be terrific for those interested in participating to bring your own homemade signs promoting the change as well. Thanks!!

3 thoughts to “REMINDER: Call to Action – Standouts to Promote New 25 mph Citywide Speed Limit – March 4, 11, 18, & 25”

  1. 25 is an unreasonably slow limit on American Legion Highway and West Roxbury Parkway. We should limit our demonstrations to quiet residential streets where a low limit makes sense.

    1. H. Jensen – Thanks for your comment! You raise two points worth noting. First, it’s important to know that 25 mph is the new default speed limit citywide, down from the previous 30 mph, and it applies to all streets regardless of their character — residential, commercial, and everything in between — because the goal is to lower vehicle speeds citywide, reducing the number and severity of crashes for all users of our streets. That said, if a particular street is otherwise posted for a higher or lower limit, then the posted speed limit controls over the default. Second, the 4 standout locations were chosen because of their high visibility in the neighborhood, not because they directly correspond to streets that carry the new default limit, though I would note that, for example, the new limit applies on both Cummins (at American Legion) and Washington (at WR Parkway). Thanks again!

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